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Drywall Repair   Scott's Painting can repair and/or replace damaged areas on walls or ceilings.  We will fill minor imperfections in walls, such as nail holes or door dings and if there is a large area that needs to be repaired, such as a hole in the wall, we will cut out the bad section and replace it with new drywall.  The new drywall will be blended into the existing wall, leaving a smooth new surface.


Textured Ceilings   Many times leaky roofs or skylights may cause water damage on ceilings and walls.  We can repair and retexture any of these damaged areas.  The repaired area is then primed with an oil-based, stain-blocking primer prior to repainting.


Wallpaper Removal   Scott's Painting and Staining Inc. offers wallpaper removal.  After the wallpaper is removed, we can leave the walls bare or repaint the fresh new walls.


Priming   This is an important area that needs to be addressed before painting or wallpapering begins.  New or bare drywall needs to have a coat of primer so that the final painted finish will be consistent over the entire wall.  When hanging wallpaper you will want to ensure that the wall is either painted or primed first.  Hanging wallpaper over bare drywall will work, but when the time comes to remove the wallpaper, the surface of the drywall will probably become torn and ripped.  A coating a primer not only makes wallpaper removal much easier, but it also assists in hanging new wallpaper.  It provides a clean a uniform surface.  All bare drywall will be primed with either a latex-based primer or an oil-based primer.  Oil-based primers, such as Kilz, provide a barrier from stains caused by water, crayons or other blemishes.



Scott's Painting & Staining Inc. Paints the Following Items:



Painting   We can paint almost any surface inside your home.  We not only paint walls and ceilings, but also cabinets, woodwork, doors and windows.  If your existing surfaces are stained, we will sand the entire surface.  This takes the "gloss" off of the surface and gives the paint something to "bite" into.  Once the surface is sanded we will prime and paint it with your choice of color and finish!



Scott's Painting & Staining Inc. Stains the Following Items:



Staining   We can stain or refinish almost any surface inside your home.  If the surface is already stained, such as existing window frames that are flaking or discolored, we will sand and chemically clean the area to brighten the surface.  This will help to remove much of the black that is often present around window frames, after years of sitting in the sun in the summer and sweating in the winter.  We will then blend in a similar color stain into the woodwork to bring it back to life.  When your home was built the stained surfaces were probably sprayed with a lacquer finish.  Lacquer tends to break down faster than a polyurethane finish.  In most cases, Scott's Painting & Staining will use a polyurethane finish when refinishing your new or existing windows.


Wallpaper   As mentioned above in the preparation section, we prime all new or unpainted walls prior to hanging wallpaper.  This helps ensure a better finish and it will assist when the time comes to remove the wallpaper.  Scott's Painting & Staining Inc. can hang all types of wallpaper.  We also offer wallpaper removal.